What is time anyway?

As I was watching the ball drop on New Years Eve and seeing the other celebrations that had already taken place all over the world, I thought out loud "where is the first time zone?" That turned into "who invented time.. how did they decide who was the first timezone.. earth is a sphere so it could start anywhere?" "What is time anyway?" As my friend made fun of me for the seemingly ridiculous and existential questions we still took to the all powerful interwebs to find some answers.  

Time as we know it (the 24 hrs clock and universal tomezones) was created by a man named Sanford Fleing. Fleming created worldwide standard time after missing a train in Ireland in 1876 because the schedule listed pm instead of am. Who knew? Standard worldwide time came about because someone missed a train. He linked this clock to the anto-meridian in Greenwich. And that is why time "starts" where it does..  

After also realizing 2016 is a leap year.. I got to wondering about the calendar and why February only has 28 days.. and how did we gwt the calendar that we use today.. if its changed over the years is it really correct? What is correct if time and dates are just creations of man. But I'll save that for another post. Happy 2016!!